Linda Wilson Knitwear

Triangular Patterned Pull Through Scarf


Knitted scarf in two colours with multi coloured sections, approximately 69” long, 7” in width.  Extra-long to allow wrapping around the neck twice. Body of the scarf is in the main colour and lined with the highlight colour, triangular pattern in 4 colours with a pull through section to secure the scarf

Sizing: Long

8% Cashmere/47% Merino Lambswool/30% Viscose/15% Polyamide

Care Instructions: Hand wash or dry clean only

4 Colours

Colour Shown: Main Colour – Aqua. Highlight Colour- Papaya Lamé. Geometric Pattern- Aqua/Papaya Lamé/Chianti Lamé/Fiesta

Yarn Content: 8% Cashmere/47% Merino Lambswool/30% Viscose/15% Polyamide


8% Cashmere/45% Merino Lambswool/29% Viscose/14% Polyamide/4% Lamé

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