Linda Wilson Knitwear

Tie Blossom Scarf


Neck scarf approximately 28” long and knitted in 100% merino Lambswool. The fabric is boil washed to create a warm, softly felted scarf. Trimmed with the highlight colour along the edges of the scarf, the blossom flowers pick up on the main and highlight colours. Both are attached to the scarf. The scarf is secured on the neck with a tie closure which threads through a button hole hidden between the flowers. Flower size approximately: large 6”x6”, smaller 5”x5”

Sizing: One Size

100% Merino Lambswool

Care Instructions: Hand wash or dry clean only


2 Colours

Colour Shown: Main Colour – Aqua. Highlight Colour- Privet

Yarn Content: 100% Merino Lambswool