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Retro Petal Pull Through Scarf


Knitted scarf in two colours with multi coloured patterned end sections. Approximately 38.5” long, 7” in width.   Body of the scarf is in the main colour and lined with one of the highlight colours, retro petal pattern in 4 colours with a pull through section to secure the scarf on the neck

Sizing: Short

8% Cashmere/45% Merino Lambswool/29% Viscose/14% Polyamide/4% Lamé

Care Instructions: Hand wash or dry clean only

4 Colours

Colour Shown: Main Colour – Cornish. Highlight Colour- Aqua. Retro Petal Pattern- Amethyst/Indigo Lamé/Aqua

Yarn Content: 8% Cashmere/47% Merino Lambswool/30% Viscose/15% Polyamide


8% Cashmere/45% Merino Lambswool/29% Viscose/14% Polyamide/4% Lamé

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AmethystAmethystAquaAquaChianti LaméChianti LaméCornishCornishFiestaFiestaIndigo LaméIndigo LaméKingfisherKingfisherPapayaPapayaPapaya LaméPapaya Lamé
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